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Musics of a Gilles Jobin’s creation

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CD of the musics composed by Cristian Vogel for the piece Black Swan.

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Musics of the Gilles Jobin’s creations

Cristian Vogel’s release on a double cd the music of Gilles Jobin’s choreographical work.

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This release, which includes sleevenotes from Gilles Jobin & Franz Treichler, stands not only as a document of the performances, which continue to thrill audiences around the globe, but also as a deep insight into Vogel’s incredible sonic universe. The dynamic range of imagery & emotions shifts from soothing insect pulses to sheer industrial panic & will appeal to all open-minded, thrill-seeking listeners.

First reactions on Philip Downey’s blog.

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Musics of a Gilles Jobin’s creation

Music written for Gilles Jobin’s choregraphic works 97-99. All music by Franz Treichler, except "Lucidogen" (Franz Treichler, Alain Monod, Bernard Trontin) and "Les Culs" (Franz Treichler, Gilles Jobin). 1, 2, 6 recorded at Studio des Forces Motrices, engineered by David Weber. 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 recorded at TYG Studio, Artamis. Picture by Isabelle Meister. Cover by Eye to Eye.

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