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Gilles Jobin

Choreographer / Dancer

Trilogie : Bloody Mary, Middle Suisse, Only You (1995-96), A+B=X (1997), Macrocosm (1999), Braindance (1999), The Moebius Strip (2001), Under Construction (2002), TWO-THOUSAND-AND-THREE (2003), Delicado (2004), Steak House (2005), Double Deux (2006), The Moebius Strip + Moebius Kids (2007), Text To Speech (2008), Black Swan (2009), Le Chaînon Manquant - The Missing Link (2010)

Gilles Jobin (1964) Swiss choreographer. Lives and works in Geneva.

« From creation to creation, Gilles Jobin explores personal choreographic universes, body in the horizontal plan, scenography in the abstract and fascinating geometry » (Philippe Noisette)

Gilles Jobin underwent a classical training at the Rosella Hightower International Dance Centre in Cannes and at the Ballet Junior of Geneva, directed by Béatriz Consuelo. Then, he danced in the companies of the Lausanne-based choreographers Fabienne Berger and Philippe Saire, and with the Catalan Angels Margarit.

In 1993, he became co-director of the Théâtre de l’Usine in Geneva where he met La Ribot, a choreographer and dancer from Madrid. They settled in the capital of Spain in 1995, where Gilles Jobin started his choreographic work with a trilogy of solos about identity : Bloody Mary (1995), Middle Suisse and Only You (1996).
« With this trilogy, the choreographer already reveals the chief concern of the space of the body, incarnate raw material as the trigger for choreographic imagination ». (Bertrand Tappolet)

In 1997, Gilles Jobin and La Ribot moved to London, attracted by British Live Art and the vitality of the programme at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA). He received a bursary from Artsadmin, who made him part of its organization and he became a resident choreographer at the Arsenic Theater (Lausanne, Switzerland). There, he created A+B=X (1997) that was presented at the 1999 Montpellier Festival. He appears as leader of a new generation of independent Swiss choreographers.

In 1998, Gilles Jobin created the duo Macrocosm at the Place Theatre in London. In this period, he defines a characteristic style, one that he continually puts into question with forays into the visual arts and live art, as we can see in the project Blinded Love (1998), created with the English radical performer Franko B. He goes on to create Braindance wich was featured at the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris for the 2000-01 opening season. His work is presented in Switzerland, in Europe and in Brazil, and is lauded by the critics.

In 2001, Gilles Jobin creates The Moebius Strip, focused on the continuous movement that enables him to radicalize his treatment of horizontality. Contrary to the previous pieces which developed in underlying themes the sex, the nudity, the violence, the war, there is not any more in The Moebius Strip than lines and geometry.
« On the stage, view as a white painting, bodies are thrown like tasks of colors, mixed there aplats and given rhythm by tints of clothes » (Rosita Boisseau). This creation evokes his father’s paintings, Arthur jobin, which alternate between geometrical rigour and intensive vibration of juxtaposed colours. Then, he creates Under Construction, (2002) at the Schaubuehne in Berlin.

TWO-THOUSAND-AND-THREE, choreographed for 22 dancers of the Ballet du Grand Théâtre of Geneva, closes the trilogy created according to a system of movement organically organized. Gilles Jobin signed a singular and contemporary performance with interpreters of the institutional scene which opened him a lot of theatres’ scenes to his diffusion, a piece that “ transcends both classical and contemporary” (Marie-Christine Vernay).

In 2004, he is invited by the Ballet Gulbenkian of Lisbon to create a new piece for 12 dancers, Delicado. The same year, Gilles Jobin leaves London for Swiss French and created, in 1995, Steak House at the Arsenic - Lausanne, Switzerland.

In 2006, he becomes an associated artist of Bonlieu Scène Nationale in Annecy and benefits of a triennal associated support from the City of Geneva, the Canton of Geneva and Pro Helvetia. The City also provides him a working studio, Studio 44, in Geneva. Then, he produces Double Deux for 12 dancers (2006), Text To Speech (2008), a piece that explores new terrain like transitional spaces, information and new technologies, Black Swan (2009) and Le Chaînon Manquant - The Missing Link with two dancers of the dance’s space Donko Seko (Mali).
Actually, Gilles Jobin works on his new creation that will be premiered in March, 2011 at Bonlieu Scène nationale - Annecy.

Apart from his own dance productions, Gilles Jobin has made of his company and Studio 44, a pioneering space, offering professional training for dancers, fighting for recognition for contemporary dance in Switzerland and stimulating international exchange by means of various initiatives: daily training for dancers, educational activities and sensibilization development, dance and new media workshops, artistic and research residencies, collaborative projects with countries from Africa and South-America.