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GVA Sessions

The GVA Sessions 2015 Made in Meyrin "Choreography in the quantum space" are organized from October, 31st to November, 6th.

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inscription form GVA Sessions 2015

The GVA Sessions are an interdisciplinary research and international exchange platform.
Led by Gilles Jobin, this annual encounter aims at creating a motivating artistic environment for experimented professional dancers. It aims to respond to the ever changing artistic environment of the performing arts, primarily contemporary dance, music and related creative technologies.

The sessions started in 2007 and 2008 in Geneva, consisting of 2 to 3 weeks workshop sessions. The aim of the sessions is to give the opportunity to dance professionals to experiment in a selected professional and creative environment without pressure. The participants are a combination of international professionals and Geneva/Swiss based dancers.

In 2007 our "guest of honour" was Zodiak Dance Center of Helsinki and in 2008 the Dancer’s Career Development Center from Seoul South Korea.
In 2009 the first delocalized edition was created, The Geneva Sessions/made in Lausanne and the guest of honor was the Cie Esculturas Humanas from Maputo, Mozambic.
In 2010, Geneva Sessions 10 made in Yokohama took place at Zou-No-Hana Terrace - Yokohama - Japan. The participants worked on the theme "Body Motion / Camera Motion".
The GVA Sessions 2011 focused on exploring one of the longest established collaborative partnerships in the performing arts: that between choreographer and composer, choreography and music. It offered a mixed format providing a collaborative space for different types and levels of knowledge, artists research and production. The 2011 edition consisted of workshops of practical research, of thematic discussions, theoretical conférences and parallel activities. As a preamble to those sessions, Cie Gilles Jobin presented a one-day special event on the 21st April 2011, in partnership with Festival Electron.

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