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With Sud Sud, the Cie Gilles Jobin wishes to improve the circulation of ideas and knowledge from South to South and from North to South. The project is geared to improve access of the emergent dance artists of the South’s countries to communication technologies and innovations in order to encourage the sharing of the experiences and knowledge, participate in the education of the cultural actors of performing arts and to create a bridge between the dancers, technologists, choreographers and other agents in the cultural industry.

Most of the exchange projects in the field of culture are organized in a North-South or South-North axis while the projects facilitating the exchanges South-South are practically non-existent. We are establishing triangular relations South-South-North which can be culturally enriching and develop long-lasting relationtionships among the various partners.

The projects have to be coherent with needs and expectations of every partners and to be balanced with the local interests. It’s not a question of extracting artists of the South countries to the North countries but it’s a question of creating multidirectional flows of circulation for ideas and people.

In constant evolution since its creation in 2003, Sud Sud develops various actions :
> workshops for professional dancers
> workshops for professional technicians
>, data base about the context of the contemporary dance in the South countries (South America and the Caribbean)
> Copier-Coller, association based in Bamako (Mali, that focuse on the formation of the dancers to the new technologies of the communication.
> solidarity actions and fundraising campaigns to sponsor of specific facilities improvement.