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  • WOMB (3D) Choreographic 3D film WOMB will be Amsterdam's CINEDANS festival curtain-raiser on March 9, and then reprogrammed on March 11. Infos & Reservations: Later, from March 28 until...  read
  • FORÇA FORTE The duo FORÇA FORTE with Susana Panadés Diaz and Gilles Jobin, under the music of Franz Treichler (The Young Gods) will be presented at the Arsenic in Lausanne, as part of the Programme Commun...  read
  • QUANTUM QUANTUM tour After visiting 16 countries and touring over 150.000 Km since its creation in 2013, QUANTUM next stop will be at Le Granit / Scène nationale de Belfort - France, on the 24th of January...  read
  • ARTHUR JOBIN MONOGRAPHY After the exhibition Arthur Jobin 50 ans de création, a book has been published by Musée Jurassien des Arts Moutiers à Moutier Dans cette monographie richement illustrée, les auteurs vous feront...  read
  • SWISS GRAND AWARD FOR DANCE 2015 Gilles Jobin receives the Swiss Grand Award for Dance 2015! Gilles Jobin, choreographer and head of the eponymous company in Geneva, receives this year's Swiss Grand Award for Dance for his...  read